Our club always welcome new members.


The Beginners' Group helps people who want to learn to run - starting at the beginning with walk/run sessions and building up until members are comfortable running for longer.  


We offer 2 Couch to 5k programs throughout the year, to help runners build up their stamina in a fun, supportive atmosphere.  Come along and give it a go - if you have never tried running before and want to start, this is the group that's just right for you.  Runners can run up to 4 miles in this group, but if you're not ready for that don't worry, you can work your way up at your own pace.


Intermediate and Advanced Groups

There are two more groups, and runners can fit themselves into which ever group is more suitable for them.  Each group runs the same route, with the advanced group focussing on longer distances.  Runners run between 4 and 8 miles in these groups, depending on pace, ability and desire.  If you are able to run continuously for a prolonged period of time, then these are the groups for you.  There are runners of all speeds in these groups, and everyone is friendly and encouraging. 

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